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Join us for an Introduction to Wine & Jazz! The start of a series of events taking you on a journey through wine, jazz and the extraordinary synergies between the two, this first event promises to be enjoyable, immersive and informative for all; whether you love wine but wish you knew more, find Jazz utterly incomprehensible, or already thoroughly enjoy both. Century Club has teamed up with The Island Club to shed a little light on the extraordinarily similar worlds of wine and jazz and break down the wall between the creators and the end consumers.

Join Millie Baring, a winemaking and jazz connoisseur, together with Jimmy Cannon & Elizabeth Tillotson - two of London’s finest live Jazz musicians - and their musical friends on a journey through the art of making fine wines and great music that swings. Questions and comments encouraged!

Tickets will be £20 for future events and include 4 wines to taste, however, we’ll be running our first event at the introductory rate of just £10

To buy a ticket for this event contact us on 0207 534 3080 and ask for Izi or email reception@centuryclub.co.uk
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