Join us for a talk on 'How to build a brand geared towards a millennial audience' from Smith and Sinclair. 

Smith & Sinclair are an innovative business that create bespoke products and experiences that bring excitement to consumers and offer something totally unexpected. They offer a point of difference through ingestible products, taking the mundane and making it extra-ordinary. They are dedicated on becoming a lifestyle business focused on millennials who crave experience driven products.

The business was co-founded by Melanie Goldsmith & Emile Bernard, who are the entrepreneurial duo responsible for the world’s first Edible Cocktail. This is a deconstructed cocktail with a gummy-like texture, somewhere between an American hard gum & a pate de fruit which packs a punch at 7% ABV per pastille.

It all began when Melanie began to produce a series of board game dating nights which were designed to act as an alternative night for the dating scene. These nights successfully allowed you to release your inner child and all inhibitions, however they were still in need of something to socially lubricate the initial greetings, where people tended to be a little shy. Melanie asked Emile to help her develop a solution, and together they created the ultimate adult treat- Edible Cocktails. It wasn’t long before the indulgent creation outshone the nights they were created for.

Since then, Smith & Sinclair has come a long way, from selling their Edible Cocktails at a small market stall at Berwick Street Market, to now planning for international expansion commencing 2019. In 2017 they launched the first experiential retail concession with leading UK department store; John Lewis ,and they continue to strive to forge the experiential retail market and challenge the industry by not being static to a ‘food category’. Since conception, the company has gone on to curate innovative experiences for their own standalone activations as well as that of other high-profile brands such as Benefit, Tanqueray & Schweppes.

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