The Century opened to wide acclaim for the millennium as a unique members’ club in the heart of London’s theatreland. Today it is a bastion of tranquillity and inspiration, the perfect place to work, rest, and play.

A short history

The Century, ensconced in the vibrant heart of Soho, is a members club that celebrates the enduring spirit of creativity and innovation.

Founded in 2001, the club quickly gained a reputation as a hub for artists, writers, musicians, and other creatives. Its expansive yet intimate setting created an environment where members could mingle with like-minded individuals and share their work in a supportive, non-judgmental space.

Today, it is a space that embodies the very essence of Soho, where the creative and the curious come together to engage, collaborate, and innovate. 

Our Spaces

Set across three buildings in Soho, The Century offers a relaxing environment with lounges, meeting rooms, event spaces, a dining room and excellent food and drink. And its outstanding feature is its roof, whose three terraces offer unparalleled views across the capital with all-year-round access.

Eat & Drink

Our head chef Michael Mcdaid and his team provide quality cuisine around the clock. All our ingredients are locally and sustainably sourced and our wine list is carefully chosen from independent suppliers. We also offer a full range of plant-based options.

Arts & Culture

The Century is a creative destination with a programme that titillates, entertains and amuses. We strive to unearth the capital’s most exciting artists, from revered luminaries to fresh new talent, and give them a space to flaunt their best work. 


Our membership is drawn largely from the arts, media and creative industries, but we welcome individuals from all walks of life. Century membership not only includes access to our club in London’s theatreland, but also opens doors to our roster of over 30 sister clubs around the world.