Christmas is always a special time at The Century, where we embrace the holiday spirit with enthusiasm. Our commitment to creating a warm and festive environment is evident throughout the club, adorned with cheerful decorations and Christmas trees on every floor.

Excitement is also brewing in the kitchen and for those with a penchant for festive flavours, our Christmas set menu is designed to tickle your taste buds. To experience this culinary celebration, please find the details below and contact us at to reserve your table.

A highlight of the season is our members’ Christmas party, scheduled for the 15th of December – an event not to be missed.

As we revel in this merry season, please note that Friday, December 22nd, will be our final day of operation before we close for the Christmas break. However, the festivities will pause only briefly, as we eagerly await to welcome our members back on Tuesday, January 9th, ready to start the new year with renewed energy and excitement