Visual artist and art historian Iluá Hauck da Silva was born in Campinas, Brazil and has been based in London since 1997. She received her BA in History of Art from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2002, and her MA in Christianity and the Arts from King’s College London (in association with the National Gallery, London) in 2020. She is currently doing her PhD in Fine Arts at the University of East London.

Hauck da Silva has exhibited nationally and internationally, including at the National Trust Sutton House, Brompton Cemetery (The Royal Parks), The College of Optometrists, The West of England Royal Academy of Arts, The Royal Landscape, York Art Gallery, Augustijnenklooster Ghent, Belgium, Museu Padre Lima, Brazil, and the Kabinett Gallery, Boston, USA.

The artist’s practice is focused on visually investigating the human condition and its conundrums. A strong sense of the relationship between what can potentially be described as beautiful and the brutality of existence is deeply infused in her work.

Her solo show at Century, Visceræ, will bring drawings and miniature glass sculptures of internal organs. Fusing medical and botanical imagery, these pieces hinge on anatomical precision and surrealist uncanniness to explore the poetry and beauty of various psychological, emotional, and physical afflictions.

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