Jana Nicole’s show opens in the Dining Room on the 1st May 2024

Jana Nicole, a US-born artist based in the UK, stands out for her vibrant mixed-media collages, blending papercutting and relief sculpture with pop art.

Her latest collection, Botanical Troupe, earned her the prestigious Prix Puvis de Chavannes from France’s Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, marking her as the first non-French recipient. This collection combines photos and drawings with natural elements, delving into the unseen world of mosses, mushrooms, fungi, and the intricate mycelial networks linking nature.

Her earlier projects include Portraits of the Self, featuring interviews and personalized portraits of icons like Norman Cook and Joe Strummer, and Cirques Des Enfants and Animal Attraction, which highlight the magic of the circus and exotic, anthropomorphic figures, respectively.

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