NAVIGATING MODERN LOVE: Expert Dating Tips Panel

Join us for an enlightening panel discussion featuring two distinguished experts in dating and relationships, brought to you in collaboration with The Merit Club. With extensive experience running multiple dating agencies in major cities like London and NYC, our speakers bring a wealth of knowledge on what holds people back from attracting, connecting, and relating, especially in urban environments.

For those who are single and feeling burnt out from the search for love, here are some key topics that will be covered:
* How to align yourself with higher-quality matches online
* Identifying what’s holding you back from forming connections offline
* Creating a positive dating journey in 2024
* Overcoming the biggest hurdles singles face in the dating scene today
* Essential ingredients for great first dates
* Understanding why many dating experiences don’t work out in modern times

If you want to gain clarity on the kind of love you desire and learn how to form deep connections with both yourself and others, this is the event for you. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from two leading voices in the field of dating and relationships.

Sarah Louise Ryan
is an International Matchmaker, Dating & Relationship Expert & Couples Therapist. She has been working with singles and couples since 2011 and owns multiple dating agencies and coaching brands helping people find, build and deepen loving relationships. Her focus is on creating sexual, emotional and intellectual compatibility.

Alex Croxford is a dedicated empowerment speaker and relationship coach, whose journey of self-discovery and healing has inspired countless individuals to cultivate self-love and healthy partnerships. After her marriage ended at the age of 38, Alex found herself navigating single life amidst a sea of married friends and new parents. Determined not to repeat past mistakes, she embarked on a profound journey to understand and transform her self-destructive behaviours.

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