New Reciprocal Club for Century Members

New Reciprocal Club for Century Members

Century Club is proud to announce an affiliation with The Island Club. Founded in 2016 by Millie Baring, The Island Club is about bringing together today's brightest and most driven individuals to turn their ideas and expertise into real projects to address both the present and the future in this climate of ever-accelerating change.


Island Club Members gather on the exquisite private island of Lambay, just off the coast of Lambay, for intimate weekends (10-12 people) focused on building professional relationships, brainstorming and thinking outside their usual remits. The Founder Members are encouraged to host gatherings both on Lambay and in London with a view to sharing skills and techniques with their fellow members.


The Island Club is working in association with WIRED Magazine, as well as some influential individuals in Futurology. They will host some of their events in Century Club, which you will be welcome to attend.


The Island Club is very small with a maximum membership in 2017 of 50 people, so while they cannot offer Membership to you (our members), they have offered you access to Lambay Island. Lambay is privately owned by the Revelstoke branch of the Baring family (of banking fame) and is a protected wildlife sanctuary as well as a national heritage site for its extraordinary architecture.


At present, Lambay only accepts bookings to stay on the island from people who come personally recommended by a member of the family or a close friend. Given Century Club's conscientious interviewing and vetting process, and through their friendship with Century owner Stephen D'Alton, they are now willing to open Lambay to our Members.


For those of you interested in knowing more about The Island Club, Millie is often at Century Club and will be happy to talk with you.


A private website for visiting Lambay is currently under construction for your use, to which we will provide a link from our Century website in due course.  If you would like to visit Lambay or learn more about the island, please contact Millie Baring, Director of The Island Club via
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