Sebastian Horsley show opening in the Club Lounge in June 2024

Anyone who frequented Soho in the 1990s and early 2000s will remember the dapper figure of Sebastian Horsley: elegant, handsome, invariably dressed in a Victorian frock coat, with his natural height enhanced by his trademark stovepipe hat. With his open advocacy of drugs and prostitutes he fused the images of Mayfair dandy and Soho roué. If any artist’s life could be said to be their work it was Sebastian’s. In 2000 he had himself crucified in the Philippines as part of a performance piece. His death in 2010 was as spectacular as his life, succumbing to a drug overdose a few days after the opening night of a play about him.

A selection of his paintings and installations, along with his renowned skulls artwork featured on the cover of his autobiography ‘Dandy in the Underworld’, will be exhibited in the Century Club Lounge. Selected pieces will be available for purchase, marking the return of the dandy’s spirit to Soho in this special showcase.

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