Mobo nominee Nate James hosts an intimate candlelit live music showcase featuring some of the most promising singer / songwriters around! Followed by dancing on the roof.

Join us for dinner and drinks and settle in for live music from 8:30pm: RSVP via


Jack Walton:

Jack grew up in a UK Northern mining town, to a ‘modern’ mining family, that consists of a tough but loving, old school father, a gay mother and her partner and 1 sister and 6 step brothers and sisters.  With access to his Dad's record collection: Zeppelin, Hendrix and Prince he began his passion for music and the guitar. He began gigging at the age of 11 and it soon became clear that he had a natural talent for holding an audience and telling an emotive story within a three minute pop song.

His love of playing live continues to this day. Jack gives a passionate, skilled performance, whether playing to a few or a few thousand. His fan base has grown and grown with a true dedicated core support and following. Jack has been a record labels favourite, with extensive and continuous interest from majors such as Sony, Universal, Warner  and Island to name a  few.. Jack in turn decided that he would prefer and is more suited to an independent label where he would maintain creative control, working alongside his label and signed with The  House Of Nanchang.

Jack has been working away behind the scenes, to build a portfolio of hit material and has created a sound all of his own.  His impeccable and compelling vocal delivery and guitar skills, will take any listener, with a love of well crafted, heartfelt tunes, to a happy place.


Ava Lily:
It’s no surprise that on first listen you’ll be reminiscing on Bristol’s original trip hop cure Portishead, when you get a fix of this 23-year-old singer/songwriter on her debut single ‘Pain Killer’. AVA LILY also hails from the West Country, and carries some of that Bristol magic in her soul ridden vocals. She was spotted by naughty boy on YouTube and since then signed her first record deal with Virgin/EMI. She is currently working in the studio on her debut album. 

Instagram and Twitter  - @avalilymusic


Harrisen Larner Mein:

Harrisen Larner-Main is an exciting artist, fusing his youthful energy into vintage-sounding yet current blends of acoustic pop, soul and country. His thoughtful songwriting amplified through soulful vocal styling’s, tinkering guitar licks and moving piano ballads form an exciting cocktail.

Insta @harrisen | FB Harrisen Larner-Main | Twitter @HarrisenLM


A singer/songwriter from New Zealand. Massad grew up surrounded by music and fell in love with songwriting at a young age. Making waves on the music scene at 16 with his first top 20 ”Tear My Heart Out”. After years of further success on the pop scene, shows all over the country and a stint on TV he took time out to find himself. 5 years on, he's back with a totally different new dream and an album which is set for release mid 2019.


Liska is a singer-songwriter originating from Cork Ireland. Heavily influenced by her Scandinavian and Celtic routes and a wide variety of artists, from Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell to Lykke li and Moloko, Liska’s style delves into an other worldly realm full of timeless vocals, dreamlike harmonies and engaging, poetic lyricism. With a rich background in music, theatre and dance, Liska brings all elements of creative art forms to her music in order to deliver an immersive experience to her audience and listeners. Her body of work consists of an array of penetrating sounds, from memoirs and ballads to magnetic dance music, all which have grown from her passion for creative expression and dedication to share this passion with the world. Liska is currently developing this material for her own project and performing intimate shows around London. Working with a refined group of producers she has been compiling a vault of music, set to be released in the coming year.

Instagram @liskamusic |  Twitter @liskamusic

Marco Cinelli

Iggy Pop defined him a "proper rock star" after watching one of his performances, Marco Cinelli picked up the guitar at age 11 and now stands on the shoulders of Hendrix, Jeff Beck and BB King. In equal part passionate singer and elegant composer, he’s become a consummate [urban soul/pop] singer-songwriter. Born in Latina, Italy and following a stint at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, he moved to Amsterdam with his band, Growlin’ Love & Pain, where he produced and released the albums “Slightly Tasteful” (2008) and “Breeze” (2011). Two years later, he came to Paris, where he independently composed and produced the stunning and personal EP, “Parallel Postulate”, released 2013. Currently, in addition to continual performing and touring, Marco Cinelli releases his new EP "Watch Me Movin'" , OUT NOW.

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