Launching our new monthly Comedy Night in collaboration with The Laughing Chilli guaranteed to bring you some mid-week laughs.

We’d love you to join us and enjoy four fabulous acts from the UK comedy circuit.

Headlining is the superb Paul Tonkinson. He's joined by Adam Bloom & Sindhu Vee, with Ben Van der Velde as MC.

Look forward to laughing with you.

Member tickets are free of charge and a fee of £12.00 will be applied to non members.

To RSVP for some hilarity please email or call 02075343079


Adam Bloom: Adam is one of Britain's most inventive and quick witted comedians. A master at working the crowd, walking a wire between flattery and insult.
He is one of the circuit’s best joke craftsmen, always wrong-footing expectations, switching earnest set-ups about his wife & child into bold punchlines and tagging on endless witty asides.
Yet although the tone is always jokey, with anything fair game for a gag - even chatty audience members who he insults and charms in equal measure - there’s some heart to the set too.

He has sold out theatres at festivals around the world, and with a manner that is energetic without being puppyish, he is a firm favourite of other acts as well as audiences.

"He's been one of my favourite stand-ups for about ten years. Bloom not only has meticulous, brilliant lines, but also an intense and fragile honesty" - Ricky Gervais


Ben Van der Velde (MC):

Ben Van der Velde is a stand-up comedian, actor, improviser and presenter, who, over the past few years, has spread joy and nonsense to all four corners of the British Isles, as well as Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Norway.
He has a strong, dynamic presence on stage, being personable and interactive with the audience, with wittily obtuse takes on an impressively wide range of topics.

His spontaneous interaction with the crowd is as good as his written lines, and Ben is a sharp & crafty gagsmith, performing a fantastic anecdotal style comedy.

Ben pushes ideas to extremes and displays a crackling, spontaneous energy in which we’re swept up in, and is now in much demand up & down the country, as a popular and excellent MC.


Sindhu Vee:

Sindhu grew up in the Philippines, Lucknow and Delhi, her dad is Tamil, her mum is from Uttar Pradesh, she studied in Delhi, Oxford, Montreal and Chicago, her husband is Danish, she lives in London, and can probably do your accent.
She splits her time between comedy and raising her three children – and gigantic Labrador. She made the finals of the BBC New Comedy Awards in 2016.
With unwavering deadpan, she describes life as an Indian woman with a Danish husband and their differing approaches to parenting.


Paul Tonkinson (Headliner):

A sensational live performer, Yorkshire man, marathon runner and former (double award-winning) Time Out Comedian of the Year, Paul Tonkinson has long upheld his esteemed reputation as one of the finest stand-ups the UK has to offer. With a unique and distinctive style, Tonkinson is noted for his effervescent physicality and skilful impressions, which bring alive exuberant, tender comic reflections on love, family and the day-to-day idiosyncrasies of 21st century living. A plethora of first class material, combined with tremendous charm and irrepressible, infectious energy make for quite a formidable talent.

“Hilarious. Nobody makes me laugh like Paul Tonkinson. Simple one of the greatest comics around. Go see him!” - Michael McIntyre
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