A casual fun presentation of the theories and observations of Sex Engineer and Relationship Therapist Colin Richards of

Do you ask yourself.....
Why do I always meet the same type of guy /girl; end relationships the same way; feel afraid of commitment; feel in need of security; get great sex but lousy life partners; meet nice guys/girls but lousy lovers; fall for abusive partners; attract victims or needy people; always go for older guys/girls; want a younger partner; feel anxious when having sex; feel guilty when being sexual; find it difficult to express myself sexually; can't achieve sexual fulfillment; experience anxiety when having sex, want an open relationship.... the list continues
These are just some of the relationship and sexual performance challenges that acclaimed Sex Engineer Colin Richards will be talking about.
Colin will explain how our early life influences can affect our attractions to others and our subsequent sexual preferences behaviours and fears. Come along on your own, with a friend or partner and listen or take part in some of the exercises.
Over the past 6 months, Colin has been giving his insights at the Funzing Talks to audiences of up 100 to great success. Now is your chance to hear Colin in the comfort of Century
Remember to be ready with your own questions. Limited places so hurry.

Colin is a nationally acclaimed Sex Engineer & Relationship Therapist based in Central London, England. For the past 12 years, Colin has helped men women and couples of all sexualities improve the quality of their relationships and intimate lives. He combines his knowledge of relationship psychology with his skills as a professional sensual masseur to help people achieve a fulfilling sex and love life.
Regularly featured in Cosmopolitan 2015/2016/2017 as the man women go to achieve orgasm he also writes extensively on various aspects of sexuality. Colin has had articles featured in the BBC World Service, Reveal Magazine and I News, The Metro and the Independent newspapers.
Known for his candidness and clear speaking on sex, Colin also supports men, women and couples of all sexualities in improving sexual confidence and helping those with sexual fears, guilt around sex, sexual performance problems and lack of sexual experience.
Colin's services include counselling, sensual bodywork, workshops, presentations and events. To view, his full services go to his website

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