‘Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace and Building Resilience in Teams’

In-house on the day will be a selection of the incredible PUSH talent covering the following topics:

- Building Open-Mindedness in the Workplace
- How to Fuel your Resilience with Food
- Improving Mind Management with the Chimp Paradox
- Building Resilience In Teams

Event Breakdown:
8am: Arrive, eat some excellent breakfast and start good chats with nice people
8.30am: Talks start
10am: Talks finish
10am - 11am: Finish up teas, coffees and good chat and off you pop, back to the office!

Members - if you'd like to join us please email us at rsvp@centuryclub.co.uk 

The Event in more detail: 

We’ve been speaking to more and more companies about how they support the mental health of their teams. It is a growing area of focus – and rightly so. If you combine our increasingly challenging and relentless world with, more often than not, traditional work processes, the people that take the hit are the employees. As more people reach out for help but with less services and resources available than ever before, we believe that there is both an employer and employee responsibility to resolve the growing issue.
We all have a duty of care to create real change and it’s the clever companies that don’t shy away from this. Indeed, they support their people to remain at their very best. This ensures that they feel secure and cared for and, as a result, engagement and performance remain consistently high. PUSH have huge amounts of experience in supporting mental health in workplaces; teaching teams how to better deal with stress and manage their minds, thus improving their resilience. All of the PUSH team are trained as Mental Health First Aiders; we’ve also recently gone into partnership with Ruby Wax to develop her ‘Frazzled’ mission in the workplace as well as developing a unique mental health programme which, when we ran it for Sainsbury’s, was quoted as ‘outstanding’.
So, we thought it was time to create an event to start the conversation properly and support those companies who are looking to make a real difference. As ever though, our content will have a unique and practical angle: we will consider not only how companies can look after their people but also how we can all better manage ourselves and become the very best that we can be.

The Speakers:

Cate Murden | PUSH Founder
Cate spent 16 years working in the demanding world of media, rising to the position of Head of Partnerships, in one of the UK’s largest media agencies, all at a cost to her health and wellbeing. It was then that she decided to create PUSH, a business dedicated to helping people, teams and companies work better. Cate now spends her time empowering blue-chip companies and their teams to improve themselves. She is also a trained coach and regular keynote speaker.

David McQueen | PUSH Speaker
David is an international professional speaker, executive coach and facilitator. In his talks he challenges audiences on honest, thought provoking and evidence-informed approaches to
value-based leadership. With a background in technology he realised he thrived most in making the complex simple and coaching people to do the same. He has also hosted a show on Channel
4, called Vocation Vocation Vocation, and a business show online called Pioneers TV.

Tamson Amara | PUSH Coach and Speaker
Tamson started her career in education before becoming a Senior Psychological Skills Practitioner at Chimp Management. As part of the team, Tamson had the honour to be trained and supervised by Professor Steve Peters, the author of the groundbreaking mind management model ‘The Chimp Paradox’. This unique wealth of experience; combining education, neuroscience and psychology, ensures that Tamson brings a completely individual approach to leadership and team development.

Matthew Shaw | PUSH Facilitator and UK Futures Editor at BBC News
A successful news editor and journalist within the BBC. Matthew uses his experience with depression to advocate for Mental Health & Wellbeing in high-stress workplaces. In 2016 he went to study at the University of Michigan, focusing on mental health strategies for the workplace and creating positive organizations. His goal is to encourage teams to create a workplace that not only encourages openness but builds productivity out of wellbeing.

Nicola Shubrook | PUSH Nutritionist
Nic’s interest in health started back in 1997 whilst busy forging a career in media – and has not stopped since. Having qualified as a Nutritional Therapist, Nic heartily believes in the power of good
nutrition and how it can fuel each of our lives – in particular our resilience to it. Fortunately, she also completely understands what we’re all up against every day in our busy lives and advocates balance rather than extremities – and that’s where the real change lies.
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