Following on from the launch of the masterclass on the 8th May, this innovative and cutting-edge event will consist of demonstrations with the latest technology, presentations and the opportunity to network with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Acclaimed industry professionals will discuss the latest developments in VR platforms, technologies, content and distribution. At the end of the masterclass, you will come away with knowledge about:

  • How to leverage VR for fiction and non-fiction storytelling and world building

  • VR platforms, hardware and tools for creation

  • The differences between “live-action” 360 videos compared with CG/3D interactive experiences using gaming mechanics

  • How VR changes production, distribution and consumption, and available distribution platforms and models

Join us to learn more about how to break into the VR industry and where the technology, platforms and VR experiences are headed in the next few years. To reserve a space contact us on 0207 534 3080 or reception@centuryclub.co.uk.

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