Join us for a fun interactive evening of networking, learning strategy and public speaking.

We will show you what this “Strategy” thing is all about and how to get it working for you.

During the evening we will look at two aspects:

  1. An overview of how to use business strategy for growth

  2. How public speaking is an essential part

Within that, we will cover:

  • A strategy system you can use to create a successful and profitable business

  • The most fundamental part of any business; the ‘heartbeat’

  • How to align your heartbeat and strategy to achieve success

  • How public speaking must be part of your strategy and is one of the best forms of marketing

  • How you can use Public Speaking to gain leads, sales and conversation

About the presenters:

Elliot Kay –

Elliot is all about strategy! He is the founder of Strategic Brilliance Services – educating entrepreneurs all about the importance of strategy in the business. Elliot is a Strategy Mentor, international speaker, trainer and author of the Amazon best seller Power To Succeed.

Elliot mentors businesses to grow their turnover.. He works with the change-makers of the world – speakers, coaches, trainers. His mission is to bring solid business strategy to highly skilled individuals, enabling them to do more good in the world – and get paid for it!

Elliot is creating a movement of strategic business owners who know how to commercialise their passion to give them more time, money and freedom to live the lifestyle they want.

Too many speakers and coaches end up broke, simply because they didn’t have the business know-how. Having built a successful coaching practise and public speaking training company himself, he knows what it takes. Elliot is the commercial director of Pony Express Speakers Club LTD, one of the UK’s leading public speaking training companies.

Elliot has worked in the USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East and the UK. Currently he is based in London, launching in the USA in 2017

Annik Rau –

Annik is the founder of PONY Express Speakers and has over 30 years experience in being scared of speaking in public and declining speaking opportunities due to the fear of being judged in front of peers. This all reached its peak in 2011 when she decided ‘enough is enough' and PONY Express Speakers was born. Since 2011, PONY Express has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to successfully pitch for investment and funding, gain the confidence to push their business from home office to the stage, speak on TEDx stages or landing big corporate contracts. Now one of the leading Speaking Clubs in London, PONY Express runs a variety of events and trainings, from their monthly club night, a beginners day, an intensive 2 day training and a 6-month speaking accelerator programme.

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