Talk: 5 Hidden Secrets To A Killer Confidence

Talk: 5 Hidden Secrets To A Killer Confidence

5 Hidden Secrets To A Killer Confidence. How To Transform Your Fear Into Power

We are really exited to invite you to this very unique talk with Keith Blakemore-Noble, international speaker, best-selling author, and hypnotist specializing in unlocking peoples true inner power and boundless confidence they need to conquer the world.

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As an entrepreneur and/or business owner, you know that Confidence is an invaluable asset. You also know that you need to have a solid mindset.
But, and there is always a but, you may not have the confidence or mindset that you desire, and don’t know what, if anything, you can do about it.

Meeting and speaking with strangers at conferences or networking events. Delivering presentations to work colleagues, peers and management. Finding potential new customers or JV partners. They all require confidence. But do you find that while everyone around seems to have an abundance of confidence, when it comes to facing some or all of these situations you are filled with dread, fear or even panic? Do you wish you were one of the lucky ones who was just born naturally confident?
The reality is that all of us are born with confidence, but many of us grow up losing that confidence, learning instead to react with fear.

What if you could Reclaim Your Confidence? How would that radically improve your business? Over the course of this evening we will explore confidence, discover why so many of us have lost it, and examine some simple steps to take us on the journey toward reclaiming our confidence and truly taking control of our own mind-sets. You will learn -

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