“if you were a cocktail what would you be?
would a lemon twist a gin and tonic capture
your zesty personality? or are you a potent whiskey on the rocks with a
dash of cinnamon; firm and grounded with a sweet aromatic aftertaste?”

If you haven't heard of the rabbit hole then you may be curious...

12 members will be selected for an immersive, mischievous rendezvous of cocktail consumption, nibbles and plenty of play...


7PM - 7:30PM
Mingling and curiosity. Performers roam around.

7:30 - 7:45PM
Performative ceremony with actors revealing the myth of food and drink and how it relates to identity.

7:45 - 9:15PM
Each person's cocktail is individually and anonymously presented by the performers. The group analyses each cocktail as we try and understand the personality of each member.

9:15 - 10PM
The members identity belonging to each cocktail is revealed upon discretion of the member.

Submit your creative cocktail to the white rabbit via: who will then be in touch with those successful players.

Tickets cost: £35 pp
Anna will be in touch regarding payment.
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