In this 3 hour intensive workshop you will get an over view of the voiceover industry and what it takes to book regular work. Rachael will cover topics such as home studios, marketing, voicereels, agents and more.

We will do some vocal warm ups and talk about looking after your voice.

Then everyone will get a chance to read some scripts and get feedback on the reads. It'll be a fun and interactive voiceover workout.

Rachael Naylor, founder and owner of the The VoiceOver Network, will give you all the info you need on how to be a successful voiceover artist and voice actor. 

Rachael will get you inspired, and you'll leave the session with great information to take away and use to get work

About Rachael Naylor

As well as running The VoiceOver Network, Rachael is a busy voiceover artist, actor, Editor of The Buzz Magazine, host of The Voiceover Hour, writer, and multi award-winning entrepreneur!

She is passionate about the voiceover industry and started The VoiceOver Network in order to help strengthen it. As a voice actor; she has voiced thousands of commercials as well as video games, promo's, documentaries, narrations, imaging, Radio Drama's and more. 

Rachael won the 'Best Business Enabler Award' at the National Entrepreneur Awards 2015 in the for the work she has been doing with The VoiceOver Network. She also won The Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 for London and the South and was a finalist for Best Business Woman of the Year award 2016.

Rachael loves being a voiceover artist and has embraced the business side of the industry. 

 She has also been featured in several books including the 'Entrepreneur Success Formula: How thriving business owners actually do it' by Damian Mark Smyth and also 'Build your business in 90 minutes a day' by Best Selling author and entrepreneur Nigel Botterill.

 Rachael started The VoiceOver Network back in 2014 after noticing a huge gap in the support and recognition that voiceover artists were getting so started it in order to help, support and strengthen the voiceover industry. The VoiceOver Network a membership organisation and a wonderful community, where voiceover professionals, agents and producers at all levels of their careers come to network, train and further their talents as well as help bring the industry together.



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