Documentaries cover so many genres of life including natural history, lifestyle, biography and historical. Viewers are captured by the imagery and story-telling. Getting the 'Voice' just right is the key to keeping the viewers interested as well as telling the story.

Richard Hollingham - Series Producer, Boffin Media

Richard is the winner of two prestigious Arthur Clarke Awards for space journalism.
A former BBC senior producer, an acclaimed and respected science producer and author and expert in space history, Richard has interviewed many scientists and experts across a range of fields. Space Correspondent for BBC Future, Richard is also a launch commentator for the European Space Agency and presenter of the award-winning Space Boffins Podcast.
With extensive contacts across the international space sector, including at the highest levels of NASA, Boffin Media is currently producing three space documentaries for BBC radio. Broadcast to a global audience of more than 100 million. Recent programmes include the first audio documentary to be presented by a serving astronaut, A Home in Space; a documentary on the history of women in space, Women with the Right Stuff (nominated for a prestigious New York Festivals Award) and Space 1977, a season on the Voyager missions anchored by a retired NASA astronaut.
In collaboration with Boffin Media, B7 Productions has produced a pilot for an Amazon Audible series on the history of The Space Race.

Virge Gilchrist - Actor, Voiceover Artist
Virge has voiced an array of documentaries for the BBC, ITV, Discovery Channel and more recently did 10 episodes of a natural history documentary for Canadian TV all in an Australian accent!

Jai Armstrong - Actor, Voiceover Artist
Jai has voiced documentary series includeS 'Green Paradise' 'Young Explorers' and 'The Route' as well as many individual documentaries like 'Cuba: Journey to the enchanted island' and 'Afghans to the top'.

Gabriel Porras - Actor, Voiceover Artist
Gabriel is a member of The VoiceOver Network and has been in the industry for many years. He was recently the voice on the BBC 2’s documentary series “Mexico: Earth’s Festival of Life”.

Simone Nylander - Associate Director, Creative Producer, Agent at The Voiceover gallery
Simone has been with The Voiceover Gallery for over six years, it's one of the UK’s largest full-service voice-over agency with studios in Manchester and London. They are best known for their wide range of English and foreign voice-over artists, as well as integrated services including translation, subtitling and mixing.

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