Join us for a panel discussion and open forum on confidence as women working in theatre. Hosted by SDUK co-chair Kate Saxon, with guest speakers Phyllida Lloyd, Rebecca Gatward and Emma Rice.

Please note this event is for SDUK female members or Century Club Female members only.

Women Directors:

Do you fear gender has a negative influence on how you present yourself within the industry? Do you rule yourself out of jobs because you're not perfectly qualified for them? Do you feel a victim of socialized submissiveness? If you don't, great, this session isn't for you.

This session has been set up because again and again, we've heard from women directors who fear they undersell themselves, not wishing to look pushy, even sometimes promoting others instead. If confidence in self-presentation is a concern for you, please come. The session will explore where we may go wrong and how we marry theatre and life. It will provide an opportunity to share experiences and fears and will encourage the group to advise each other by finding common ground and exploring solutions and actions to take forward.

To reserve a space contact us on 0207 534 3080 orĀ reception@centuryclub.co.uk

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